Just finished watching Lucky Star  episode 1, and I have mixed feelings about the series, I liked some of it, and was bored by some of it. I’ll have to watch a few more episodes before I pass judgement on the series. Lucky Star  began as a four panel comic strip in January of 2004, the comic strip became popular, and was serialized in many papers.

      As Lucky Star became more popular, a drama CD followed, and then a Nintendo DS game. Like many comic strip series such as Azumanga Daioh, and Yotsuba, Lucky Star  has no real plot, the series is just small comic slices of the girls high-school life. Lucky Star  follows the adventures of four high-school girls, Konata Izumi a video game lover, sisters Tsukasa Hiiragi who is good at cooking and Kagami Hiiragi who is a very good student, and Miyuki Takara who is your stereotypical glasses wearing moe girl. Below is a screen shot of the four girls taken from the opening sequence.


     Lucky Star  is basically just a bunch of small comic skits revolving around the girls relationships with each other. Some of the small stories covered in the first episode are about how the girls eat different foods, having a cold vs the flu, boys playing to many adult video games, and the girls getting a check up at the nurse’s office.  So far this show is not nearly as well done as Azumanga Daiohthe anime, was. But, I’ll watch a few more episodes before I’ll pass judgement. If you like relaxing entertainment with a few laughs involved, and with not much thinking or effort taking place, than this show is for you. Lucky Star  has a few laughs, cute girls, and pretty good pacing. below are a few more screen shots from the show.