Rocket Girls episode 1, well here’s the setup, we have plucky Japanese high school girl Yukari Morita (aren’t they all cute & plucky), setting off to search for her long lost father, whom abandoned Yukari’s mother after their honeymoon. Yukari travels to the Solomon Islands to look for her father. Based in the Solomon Islands is the SSA (Solomon Space Association), which is funded by private corporations, and the Japanese government.

     The SSA has fallen on hard times, their last five launch attempts have all ended in failure, and the sixth attempt is just about to take place. The SSA’s director (Nasuda-san) is given an ultimatum, if failure keeps occurring, their funding will be cut off. Just as Yukari arrives on the island, the sixth launch attempt ended in failure. Yukari finds a Japanese restaurant and gets directions to the SSA base. After the launch failure, a government inspector tells the SSA director that funding will be cut off, and the base closed within six months. The director decides to continue the program using an older less powerful, but more reliable rocket engine.  But using the older engine would require the current pilot (Yasukawa) to cut his weight to 40Kg (about 88 Lbs), the medical/training director (Satsuki), states that Yasukawa would need to weigh less than skin and bones.

     Hearing this, Yasukawa states that they are all crazy, and he takes an armored vehicle, and escapes from the base. While fleeing the base, Yasukawa runs into Yukari, whom is walking up the road. Yukari forces the vehicle to stop, and then she demands a ride to the base, or back to town. After forcing herself into the vehicle, they are chased by base security forces. After escaping the security forces they return to town and are given a room to hide out in by the restaurant owner. This leads to a funny situation, involving the restaurant owner thinking that Yukari and Yasukawa are going to use the room for very personal reasons.  A short while later, Yukari and Yasukawa are sold out by the owner, he states he needs everybody’s business. Yasukawa is drugged by Satsuki and taken away, Satsuki upon seeing Yukari states her vital stats as height 153cm, weigh 38kg, and measurements of 80-54-82, or in English 5’-1’’, 84lbs, and 31.5-22-32.5. Upon hearing this, director Nasuda offers Yukari help in finding her father in exchange for her working part time as a pilot. Well, that’s the basic setup, cute girls in space, can it get any better than that? Or the moral of this tale, never send a professional astronaut to do the job of a Japanese schoolgirl.  

Here are some screenshots.

Left to right, Yukari and friends, Yukari herself, and Yukari at the room.


 Left to right, director Nasuda, pilot Yasukawa, medical/training director Satsuki.


 A cute island girl, boy isn’t she just too cute.