This episode starts out with Yukari, and the others returning to the SSA base, Yukari asks the others if they can keep her part-time job a secret from her school, and Satsuki says “No Problem”. The next day Yukari undergoes a battery of physical tests, then she’s told that she is fully qualified to be an astronaut. She says, “no way, impossible” but director Nasuda holds his help in finding Yukari’s father over her, so she agrees.


     The next day astronaut training begins, and the training team works Yukari to the point of exhaustion. Yukari is extremely embarrassed when they force her to strip, to take a full body mold, in order to make her spacesuit. As training continues, Yukari is thrown out of a helicopter in the spacesuit, and told to return to base within three days. This is for the purpose of survival training, when Yasukawa hears about it he goes to help her. She lands in the middle of one of the local tribal villages, causing quit a stir. Yukari meets a cute native girl named Matsuri Morita, she takes Yukari to meet her father, who also turns out to be Yukari father (talk about seven degrees of Kevin Bacon!).  Well, lets put it this way the meeting does not go well, Yukari pulls her gun and demands her father returns with her to Japan. He makes a deal with Yukari, when she finishes her job as an astronaut, he’ll return with her to Japan. Matsuri help Yukari return to base, at that point the director notices the slim figure of Matsuri, and asks Satsuki how much does Matsuri weigh, she replies 38.5Kgs, height 153cm, and measurements 85-53-84, Satsuki says she an extremely healthy girl. The director asks her to join the force, and Matsuri agrees.


Here are a few screenshots of Yukari’s training.




Here are a few screenshots of Yukari’s family reunion.




     I find this anime series to be quite entertaining, the young female characters are quite cute, funny, and likeable. While, the adult characters are lighthearted, funny, and interesting. I think this series is well worth watching.