The series picks up near the end of golden week. For inquiring readers, golden week is a collection of four Japanese national holidays spread over eight day, starting  with Showa no hi  (Showa day), celebrating the late Emperor Showa on April 29. Next is Kenpo kinenbi  (Constitution Day) celebrated on May 3. The third holiday is Midori no hi  (Greenery day), this holiday celebrates the late emperor Showa birthday, and celebrates his love for nature and the environment, this holiday now falls on May 4. The last holiday in golden week is kodomo no hi (Children’s day), this holiday celebrates Tango no sekkor (Boys day), on this holiday people pray for the future success and health of their sons, this holiday falls on May 5, oh if your wondering Girls day is March 3.

     The first part of the episode shows us viewers the differences between Kagami, and her sister. Later all four of the girls get together of a study session (or a homework copying session for some). The next portion of the show, you get to watch the girls waste money on a crane game at a arcade, after school. The girls get stressed out about their after holiday exams, and how well, or how poorly they did. The fear, and stress of a visit to the dental office is also covered with humorous effect. The big shocker for the episode is that Konata just got an after-school job to help pay for computer festival. The other girls spend to speculation on were she’s working, but they can’t see her succeeding at anything. They finaly ask her were she’s working, Konata replies “a normal costume cafe”, just perfect for her. As I watch more of Lucky Star, I find this series growing on me. I find this Lucky Star quite relaxing, and enjoyable. This series is comprised of quite likable girls that spend most of their time together enjoying each-others company. While this series comes nowhere close to the quality of a series like  Azumanga Daioh, I can still recommend it to viewers whom like school-life/slice of life type anime.

Below are some screenshot from episode 2.