Lucky Star 3, starts off with change of uniform day at the girl’s high school, in the Japanese school system the changeover day for summer/winter uniform is set by the school’s administration. Just as Kagami is thinking that Konata will be wearing the wrong uniform to school, her sister walks in wearing the wrong uniform. Then while walking to school the girl spend time discussing the best way to enter contests, handwritten cards vs printed cards, and so-forth. Also on the way to school Konata asks why Kagami and her sister don’t act more alike since they are twins, Kagami explains that she and her sister are fraternal not identical, its a pretty funny skit. On the way to school the girls ride a hot train to school, and one of the girls gives an accidental flash to one of the male riders. How come this has never happen to me?


     Also, at school, the girls discuss weddings, and a Japanese girls’ dilemma (wedding dress vs kimono), Japanese Cultural Note (in modern Japan many girls wear both, the kimono for the Buddhist ceremony, then a western wedding dress later on at the reception). After school the girls play video games, and talk about Kagami and Tsukasa’s upcoming 17th birthday. Their birthday falls on 7 July, Konata tells them the that day is called ponytail day (an old Japanese folktale). Japanese Cultural Note (this day is also called the Tanabata festival, one of five major traditional festivals held in modern Japan). Later, Kagami and Konata have a discussion at a manga shop on how a collector should properly collect manga. Then Kagami, Tsukasa, and Konata have a talk about guys at a cafe, and if any guys have had the guts to confess to Miyuki, later on at school the girls talk about how Moe Miyuki really is (that’s pretty funny). Then we get the next installment of the fictional show Lucky channel, the Kogami character is quite cute, but can turn into a bitch in a second. My impression of the series so far is that it is a pretty laid back, enjoyable, funny, and innocent little anime. Lucky Star contains plenty of anime homages, and few Moe elements, if you like your anime slow pace, with a touch of Moe then this is your show.

Below are somescreen shots.




Lucky channel screenshots.