Rocket Girls 3 starts off with a rocket engine test at the SSA base, this test ends in failure. The engineers find out that Motoko added a catalyst to the fuel causing the explosion. We find discover that Yukari and Matsuri have been training at the base for one months time, and Yukari is getting tired of her low calorie diet. We also, get a funny display of cultural differences between the sisters during breakfast.


     The classroom and survival training for the girls continues at full speed. A small conflict arises between the sisters, Matsuri thinks all the training is fun, but Yukuri only there because of her search for her father, her hearts really not in it at this point. The director leaves Yukari’s motivational problems in Satsuki’s hands. Yukari decides she’s had enough of the low calorie diet, and pays off one of the restaurant’s waitresses to sneak her food at night. She gains weigh and her performance starts to decline. Yukari has a encounter with Matsuri one night, and Matsuri tells Yukari that if she does not want to go into space just say so, and she’ll go instead of Yukari.


Hell, with girls like that on the island, I could stay forever like Yukari’s dad.

     The sister then run into Kinoshita, who was out looking at the moon, he tells the girls about his lifelong dream to go onto space. After hearing Kinoshita’s story, Yukari realizes how childish, and selfish she’s been and rededicates herself to the training. This episode of Rocket Girls slows down the pacing and intensity of the storyline. We get to see some emotional growth, and a increase in the maturity level of Yukari. Matsuri is a quite interesting contrast to Yukari, while Yukari is intense, and brooding, matsuri approaches everything with the joy and innocence of a child. While the show won’t keep you awake at night watching episodes, I find watching a episode of Rocket Girls is the perfect way to unwind after a hard days work, enjoy.

Below are some random screenshot from episode 3.