Lucky Star 4, “a problem of will”, looks like it has a cute new opening animation sequence, the opening features cute skits about the fun of summer uniforms, and has a very cute cheer-leading dance sequence. This episode starts off in typical Lucky Star fashion, with Konata getting caught falling asleep in class. Later on, Konata keeps coming late to class, and making up lame excuses, but she has a pretty funny parody from  Kanon that dosen’t go over well with the teacher. What’s really funny is that Konata has used so many excuses that when she’s really sick the teacher does not believe her. So, basically the first third of the show is about Konata’s bad habits.

     The second part of the story revolves around Kagami and Tsukasa’s birthday party. Miyuki shows up and gives the sisters a gift of earrings, then Konata shows up and gives anime related gifts. Later on, at school the other girls ask Konata about her cosplay cafe job, they ask her basically, how with her flat chest she can work at a cosplay cafe. Like that matters to most of those Japanese anime fanboys, any living chick will probably do for those types, hell they probably won’t know what to do, OK enough of my ranting. Later, the girls spent a lot of time talking about what to do over summer break, travel, cooking, and festivals. After some more lazy talk about weight gain and other things we get the next installment of Lucky Channel.


     The lucky channel skit covers pretty much nothing except Kogami’s hairstyle. But I do find it funny how she can go from yasashii  to bitch in nothing flat. Overall I find Lucky Star  to be a relaxing, and cute anime series.

Below are some screenshots from episode 4.