This episode of Lucky Star  starts off with the girls getting ready for their summer vacations. Japanese cultural note  “most schools end the term around July 19, and resume around September 1, clubs still meet during the break, and students must continue to study during the break because exams are given shortly after returning from break.” After starting their break the girls attend a festival wearing their Yukatas “very cute”, while at the festival the girls meet Konata’s cousin Yui whom is a police officer. The girls walk around and talk about, food, money, games, and Gasp! why haven’t any of them found romance. The next day the girls pretty much just waste time on TV,games, and Talking. Next we get another installment of  Lucky Channel, a viewers ask if they play MMO’s like Konato, and Akira kind of rips on Konata. Well that’s about it for Lucky Star, another relaxing, slow paced slice of anime schoolgirl life, I find it pretty enjoyable, but others might find it boring.

Below are some screenshots.