Lucky Star 6 starts out with the girls still on summer break, then they leave on a road trip with cousin Yui, and their teacher Nanako. Yui ends up having a road-race with another car, and Nanako ends up lost. After a while they make it to a seaside hotel, and rent rooms. In one funny scene Konata comes out wearing a little girl’s one piece bathing suit (it still has her last name, grade, and class on it 6-3), and she gets dogged on about it. At the beach Nanako doesn’t realise that Yui is married, saying they don’t have to resort to bring ugly guys with them. The girls also comment that the beach is usually a place for flirting, but its not a problem for them. Teacher Nanako ends up drinking too much, and since Yui has an extra day off they agree to stay one more night. Kagami still wonders why nobodies was hitting on them, and Konata finds this funny. Later at home the sisters have to clean their room before summer break ends. Then we get another episode of Lucky Channel, with Akira up to her usual antics. Overall episode six is a continuation of summer vacation, with cute girls doing cute summer things (sigh).





Screenshots of super cute Tsukasa.