Rec. is a romantic comedy, that consists of nine twelve and a half minute long episodes. Rec. begins with the main male lead (no name yet) getting stood up by his date at the movies, as he is about to throw out the movie tickets, a cute but slightly strange girl says don’t waste the tickets, so he gives her one of the tickets, she then grabs him and takes him into the movie complex too. On the way out of the movie theather the guy sees his date with another guy. She sees that he is heartbroken, so she takes him out drinking. Later on she tells him that she is voice actress in training, not just for anime but dubbing foreign films too. After a few hours of drinking the couple goes their separate ways, but it seems that they both live nearby each-other.

     Later that night he wakes up to a fire in his neighborhood, he gets dressed and goes to check it out, and he sees his mystery girl sitting alone in her pajamas near the scene of the fire. He then finds out that she is all alone in the city, and so he takes her back to his apartment and comforts her over her loss. A little later they kiss on his bed, and then they finally introduce themselves, she is Onda Aka age 20, student and voice actress in training, and he is Matsumaru Fumihiko, age 26, and a worker for a sweets company in the field of advertising. When matsumaru wake up in the morning, he wakes up alone, Aka left a note saying she’s returning to her agency. Well, that’s the end of episode one.

Below are some screen shots.




     Overall Rec. is a nice anime about a romantic relationship between young adults, Aka is a nice young woman, and not a ditz like many female leads in current anime are, and in Matsumaru you get a nice guy who’s just a little depressed about his job and old girlfriend. He’s not one of the typical guys in this type of anime, one who can’t talk, or be around a girl without screwing it up. I think this a anime from the romance genre for fans a little older than sixteen. Someone might ask after watching episode one did they have sex or not? Well, I feel it didn’t matter, if they didn’t he was a nice guy not wanting to take advantage of her situation, and if they did, so what, there two consenting adults taking comfort in one another, whatever happened nothing objectionable was shown. One of the nice things about this anime is that its only twelve and a half minutes long, about ten minutes long if you subtract opening, and closing songs. So, if you want to watch a romance anime but don’t want to commit to 26 episodes of thirty minutes, then watch this one.