Episode 4 of Rocket Girls starts out with Yukari and Matsuri getting some time off because of broken equipment. So, the half sisters decide to go to the beach till the afternoon, and plenty of beach fun insures. After a while, Yukari attempts to sneak a look at the rocket capsule in the main assembly building. Yukari uses her teenage good looks to get by some workers at the builder, somethings never change, guys are suckers for food and sex appeal. Yukari tries to break in to the clean room to get a look at the capsule but gets detained by security.

     After the clean room incident Yukari demands to have additional access to more of the technical aspects of the program, and the SSA director likes her proactive stance and grants her more access. While in the assembly room Yukari asks why the equipment is old and one of the Techs. explains that old is reliable, and new stuff is untested. She also learns that the rocket engines keep failing, so she heads off to the engine plant. Yukari gets very upset about the safety issues and barges in on a management meeting and demands a return to reliable technology. After the meeting the team still decides to use the new fuel, and Yukari decides to go on hunger strike because of safety issues. At this point Yukari’s mother shows up at the SSA.

Below are some screen shots from episode 4.



     Overall, Rocket Girls  develops nicely, Matsuri continues to be cute and easy going, and Yukari becomes more concerned with the mission. Yukari becomes more involved in the technical issues, and in her and Matsuri’s safety, but she still flies off the handle. I really like this series, its a relaxing little bit of anime, nothing to stressful or thought provoking.