Lucky Star 7  starts out with the girls returning to school after their summer break. Konata is hooked on a new anime, and acting and talking like the anime characters from the show. The girls are faced with a decision, they have to start deciding on what they want to start majoring in. A lot of minor things are discussed, dental visits, broken eyeglasses, food, dieting, and how summer baseball games interrupt anime schedules. Later on we find out that Tsukasa parents gave her a cell phone because of her good exam scores, but when she tries to find her number to give to Konata she does’nt know how to use it, how cute. Then we get another installment of Lucky Channel, check out  Minoru’s   weird  girlie hairstyle, pigtails on a guy, that’s just too weird.


Well, Lucky Star 7  keeps up the same pacing and feel as the other episodes. This episode has a lot of anime in-jokes, and the feel of a lazy summer day. So, if you want a anime about cute girls doing cute anime things keep watching.

Below are some screen shots from episode 7.