Rocket Girls 5  starts off with Yukari’s mother showing up at the SSA base. Yukari’s mother has a good solution for Yukari’s problem with the new fuel’s safety issue, she says that we’ll just have to create a good safety record. Yukari’s mother stays only a short time, before heading back to Japan, Yukari offers her the use of a base helicopter to see her runaway husband, but she refuses saying maybe next time. Just as the SSA starts to ramp up for the first test launches, news of the space program breaks worldwide, Yukari’s picture is all over the place. Reporters and news agencies from around the world start to flood the island seeking stories. Yukari and Matsuri have to face the reporters in a question and answer session, and the director lies about the girls being half sisters.



     The next day the SSA successfully conducts a test launch of the rocket system, and then Yukari is told that tomorrow is going to be her turn, and she is obviously nervous about the launch. Just as Yukari is about to launch, a sensor problem causes the launch to be postponed by one day. The next day another problem causes the launch to be postponed again, this seems to wear on Yukari. On the third launch attempt another problem threatens to postpone the launch again, so Yukari threatens to launch the capsule by herself, the ground crew decides that its safe to launch the rocket, and Yukari’s rocket is finally launched. But, there is a problem, the rocket is way off course its over New Zealand instead of Christmas Island. Well, that’s how episode 5 ends.

Below are some screen shots of episode 5



     Well, Rocket Girls 5  was a very entertaining continuation of the series, Yukari starts to develop a much greater seriousness in her duties as a pilot, but she still flies off the handle a lot. But her temperament is very understandable, the mission is a lot of pressure to put on a teenager, and Yukari still is bothered by the issue of her father. Yukari’s mother seams to have moved past the issue while her daughter still has not to dealt with it yet. Overall Rocket Girls is a pleasant mild science fiction anime series, easy on the brain and easy on the eyes.