Lucky Star 8  begins with Konata seeing her father on television taking pictures at a high school sports festival, and Konata wonders what daughter he’s taking pictures of (I wonder what daughter he’s watching). Later at school, the girls talk about what events they’ll  participate in at the school’s sports festival, and the talk also turns to all the school exams that will happen after the sports festival. When the sports festival finally comes the girls participate in many events, with Konata, Kagami, and Miyuki being pretty good at most of the events, and poor Tsukasa she really sucks at her events. Konata’s father gets kicked out of the festival for taking pictures of too many other girls. The next part of the show the girls wait in line at the school cafeteria to buy lunch, and discuss problems with waiting in lines. Then Tsukasa wonders what it would be like if she was the older sister instead of Kagami.

Below is a Screen Shot of Tsukasa 


So many possible comments, so little blog time.

     Later at school Konata is proud of the fact that she got a postcard published in Newtype magazine. Well that’s about all their is to Lucky Star 8, another thirty minutes devoted to the casual behavior of four anime high school girls, overall a nice low key anime.

Below are selected screen shots from episode eight.