Rec. 2  starts off with Matsumaru finding that Aka has left the apartment sometime before morning, Matsumaru is a little listless on his way to work, he wonder’s if Aka felt that he only let her stay for sex. At work Tanaka apologises for standing him up for their date, when Matsumaru isn’t upset, it bothers her. Later at work Hatakeda, one of Matsumaru’s coworkers tells him that the section chief want to see him, he also tells Matsumaru to apologise right away for whatever screw-up he did. Matsumaru meets the section chief and begins to apologise, but the chief stops himand proceeds to tell him that one of his advertising proposals has been given the green-light and he needs to attend to audition for the vocal role. At the audition a lot of voice actresses show up including Aka, she is still wearing Matsumaru’s clothes, her agent apologies  stating they just came from another job. Marsumaru and Aka are both shocked to see each-other in the same place, and they both act like they never meet. During the audition Hatakeda comments that Aka must of had a pretty wild night because of her appearance, that exchange is very funny. Below Are some screen shots of that exchange.


     Later Matsumaru finds out that Aka is chosen as the voice actress for his very first commercial. Upon returning home Matsumaru is shocked to find Aka waiting by his door, and Aka suggests that they celebrate her first VA job and his first commercial. Then Aka asks that they keep their relationship secret, she feels that some might complain if it was found out that the VA and the commercial’s planner had a relationship. Aka asks to stay for a while until things get settled, he agrees and tries to put the moves on her again. Aka rebuffs him saying that the night before she was in shock, Matsumaru backs off and ends up sleeping on the floor. Well that’s all for episode 2. Below are more screen shots.



     Rec. continues to be a very enjoyable light adult romantic anime series, what I really like is that Rec. is a somewhat believable story about young adults (no promised girl, no harems, no extra dimensional girls, no girl next door that kicks the guy’s ass). Matsumaru and Aka are two nice young adults in a slightly crazy developing romantic relationship. Hey, unlike many guy chases girl anime stories Matsumaru and Aka actually did the deed, so thepressure is off about sex. Even though Aka rebuffed Matsumaru on the second night she would’nt have come back if she wasn’t attracted to him, Matsumaru will just have to be a little patience. Hell, most guys have to wait at least until after the third date (Japanese anime guys sometimes have to wait years if ever). If you want to watch a sweet little romantic anime then watch Rec. Best of all, the episodes of Rec.  are only twelve and one half minutes long.