Rocket Girls 6  starts off with Yukari stranded in the wrong orbit with the ground crew trying to figure out why the Rocket got off track. A little while later ground control decides to bring the rocket down after the third orbit, and Matsuri feels its her fault the rockets off course, she forgot to tell father the launch was postponed, so he probably cursed the launch. After Yukari blows off Matsuri’s worry about the power of the curse more problems arise, but ground control feels its nothing serious. Later Yukari spots debris floating around the capsule that might be heat shield bricks, this is a major problem. The ground crew discovers that space debris struck and damaged the capsule, and that Yukari will have to exit the capsule to fix the problem. The SSA is forced to make the announcement that the flight has had major problems, the SSA decides to let the press know the truth, this news spreads worldwide. Yukari makes a space walk and discovers the extent of the damage, its so severe that ground control doesn’t think she can repair the problem. As time passes it get harder for Yukari to breathe as her air supply runs low, but she draws comfort from a trinket that her mother gave her as a child.

     Just as Yukari’s about to pass out, Marsuri shows up in a rescue capsule with more oxygen to save Yukari. Both girls are now waiting in space for the Russians to show up to rescue then, but due to technical problems the Russians can’t launch. At that point Yukari tells Matsuri to leave her and go back alone, Matsuri says no way and throws out most of the equipment out of the capsule to make room for Yukari, saying that they will fly by hand. They begin the reentry when Yukari realizes that her weight combined with G forces will crush Matsuri, but Matsuri says not to worry tribal women are tough. After landing Yukari find Matsuri not responsive, but Matsuri eventually wakes up. The girls find out that they landed in Yukari’s high school swimming pool. Well, that’s it for episode 6 of Rocket Girls. Below are some screen shots for the episode.

     I found Rocket Girls 6  to be quite  enjoyable, I liked the change of pace very interesting. The previous episodes were kind of laid back, but this episode upped the intensity level quite a bit. This episode was a matter of life and death, there was a real change that both girls could have died, the only part that I thought was quite silly was the girls landing inside the high school’s swimming pool, but overall episode 6 was very nice.