Lucky star 9  starts off with Konata griping about having to spend so much time studying, she takes some time to play online but her teacher is waiting for her in the game and tells her to study more. The girls spend a lot of time talking about study habits, and test taking. A little later the girls discuss the issue of ones blood type determining ones personality, and behavior. Once the tests are over the girls decide to go to the movies, and Konata suggests a slasher film, but Tsukasa seems frightened by the idea. After the movie Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa decide to go eat at a cake buffet, and they have trouble finishing all the food. Later we find out that Konata dad is the one buying her all the dating sim games. After that we get another episode of Luck Channel,  this one is supposed to feature Tsukasa, but Akira gets upset and insults her, then she give a lesson on how to be a idol. Well that’s all. Below are some screen shots from the episode.

     Overall I found Lucky Star 9  to be a little boring, the pace of the show has really slowed down compared to the last episode, and If your tired it just might put you to sleep. But I still feel the show is worthwhile, I just hope they pick up the pace a little.