When we left off at the end of episode 6, Yukari and Matsuri had just crash landed in Yukari’s high school swimming pool. Episode 7 picks up at that point, with all the students rushing out to see Yukari and Matsuri. Yukari tells Matsuri that it must have been the work of evil spirits that they landed here of all places, and Matsuri says that they landed their because Yukari wished it, needless to say the principle is very upset.


      The landing causes a big commotion, but Yukari has a problem with her goldfish, the tank she put them in is running low on oxygen. After the goldfish problem is solved the SSA arrives with helicopters to remove the capsule, further causing a bigger ruckus on campus. Yukari uses the skills of one of her younger classmates (Miura) to save the goldfish, afterwards the military transports Yukari, Matsuri, and Miura back to the military base. Miura gets along well with the head researcher in charge of the goldfish experiment (well, I know were this is going, were going to get a third astronaut, what about 13 years old, doesn’t Japan have any adult smaller women in the military that can become astronauts).

      Later that night Yukari, and Matsuri have dinner at Yukari’s house, and Yukari says when she gets back to the SSA she going to drag her fathers ass back to Japan, and Yukari’s mother asks why she’s still going on about that. That night Yukari looks out her home’s window and can’t see any stars. At school the next day the principle suspends Miura, and chews out Yukari telling her that being a astronaut is a stupid job for a girl, well we can tell what century the principle is living in. In the school hallway Miura asks Yukari if she’s going to quit being a astronaut, and Yukari say she wants to be a normal girl, but we can tell she’s having second thoughts. Miura tells Yukari that she has no second thoughts about the suspension, and that makes Yukari think hard about quiting. Matsuri and Yukari send the rest of the day enjoying themselves doing things around the city. Yukari and Matsuri return to the SSA and as Yukari is about to leave the cab shows up with Miura, she’s expecting Yukari to give her the grand tour, well that’s it for Rocket Girls 7. Below are some screen shots of the episode.

     My impressions of this episode are, that I wish Yukari would stop whining about how normal she is and realize how good she has it. She’s given a once in a lifetime shot at being special, and all she thinks about is being a regular Japanese girl. Man, I tell you there has to be a lot of cultural pressure in Japan not to stick out as a individual. Well I really like this show, I just think Yukari should show a little more maturity.