We start off with dream sequences for our young couple, her dream is about becoming a voice actress, and his is about easy girls in Tokyo, my how our male minds work! Later in the morning they go shopping and its nice to see Matsumaru and Aka acting like a cute couple. Aka has to go to a job as a background VA, and Matsumaru has to finish a new proposal by Monday. Aka goes out to buy somethings and Matsumaru has to go to a mixer arranged by his boss, and he forgets that Aka doesn’t have a key to the apartment, so he rushes back to find her. After he finds her out in the cold they go back home and share some food, and then Matsumaru tries to put the moves on her again, only to be rebuffed again. Well, he finds out some dreams are easier to come true than others. This episode of Rec. is a nice little piece about two people getting to know each-other, a nicely paced twelve minutes of anime. Below are some screen shots.