Rocket Girls 8 starts off with Miura showing up at the SSA’s main gate just as Yukari is about to quit, Miura starts to get sick and Yukari orders the doctor to do something. After the doctor’s medical exam she determines that Miura has motion sickness, then Muira states that she wants to go into space like Yukari. We then get Miura’s stats (weight 36 Kg, height 153 Cm, 74-52-75 / converted to English 79 Lbs, height 5′, 28′-20′-29′), then the base commander tells Yukari that if she leaves they’ll need another pilot, Yukari states that she has not yet quit. After Yukari takes Muira back to the living quarters the doctor states it not a good idea to send a girl into space that gets motion sickness just from a plane, and car ride.


     After a little rest Muira feels a lot better and tells Yukari that her words inspired her, and how her description of space sounded just like Yuri Gagarin (First Soviet Cosmonaut) words. She then tells Yukari that she hates the part of herself that only thinks about how stuff effects her grades, and that she admires Yukari’s boldness. They then go to the beach, and Matsuri goes swimming nude, and Yukari stops Muira just before she strips, they then catch some fish and head back to the living quarters. On the way they run into Yasukawa whom buys them dinner, and on the way out Muira passes out, and they rush her back to base. The doctor conducts some tests on Muira, the same ones that Yukari and Matsuri both completed, and Muira passes out at only four G’s, the director says she can’t even ride a roller coaster. The doctor says that she needs work on her physical skills but she’s off the chart in brain power. Just as Muira is about to give up Yukari says she’ll take her into space. Well that’s the end of episode eight. Below are some screen shots from the show.



     My impressions of episode eight are that finally Yukari got her grove back, she finally realizes how special a chance she’s been given. She also understands that when she said even a monkey could go into space, she was very wrong. The addition of Muira to the story’s plot, I think is a motivation for Yukari. Yukari and Matsuri finally have someone to mentor and help along. But most importantly Yukari begins to understand her impact on the girls of Japan, if Muira was inspired by her, how many other girls were also inspired. I still continue to like this series very much, a nice light science fiction drama. I hope this show gets licensed, but I don’t think it will be, at only twelve episodes I don’t think this show has a big enough fan base for an American release.