Rocket Girls 9  starts off with Yukari and Matsuri believing that Muira quit the SSA and returned to Japan, this is really upsetting to Yakari because of her promise. During the next several days of training Yukari’s just not into it after Muira’s departure, they get a day off and Matsuri wants to go to the jungle. The SSA director asks Yukari if she wants to go into town, and Matsuri has trouble leaving the base but she uses her unique skills to get out. After picking some nuts Matsuri runs into Muira in the jungle, Matsuri is not surprised by this. Matsuri offer to help Muira but she refuses saying if she accepts helps she’ll fail, so Matsuri leaves her alone. Back at the room Matsuri tells Yukari about Muira, and Yukari heads out to find her. At the SSA gate Yukari runs into the director and the doctor whom apologize for the lie they told her. They tell Yukari that if she knew she would have stopped Muira, proving that she did not have confidence in her, so they all wait at the gate for her return. Muira makes it to the gate with fifteen minutes to spare. She passes the test and is told to prepare for more training, that’s how episode 9 ends. Below are some screen shots from the show.



     Well, episode 9 really slowed down the pace of the show. We get to see how the SSA director knows Yukari better than herself, and knows how to push the right buttons. Muira faces some tough training and gains confidence in herself, I feel she’s still wimpy compared with Yukatri and Matsuri, but what the hell. The real problem is with Yukari, in the beginning her motivation for completing the training was to bring her father home, then later Muira motivated her to continue. After Yukari thought Muira left she was half hearted, she needs to be able to motivate herself to truly grow on her own. Like Sora  from Kaleido Star, Yukari needs to find her inner fire to really become a mature person. Overall this episode was nicely done, a fun anime of all ages to enjoy.