Judy is informed that she will be attending the Lincoln Memorial Girls School, a man maned John Smith is paying her way (not his real name), he will send the tuition every month and give her an allowance. Judy is told that she must write John Smith a letter ever month explaining how school, and her life is going, she must not thank him for the money, the letters are to be sent to Walter Griggs (John Smith personal attorney). Judy is given a fifty dollar check to pay for her expenses (clothes, travel, and such back then fifty dollars was a huge amount of money approx $2100 in 2005 dollars). While shopping for clothes Judy chooses to spend the money buying gifts for all the children prior to leaving, needless to say this upsets the orphanage director. After Judy leaves the orphanage thinking she offended the other children with her gifts she gets a heart felt send off. Well that’s all for episode 2, below are some screen shots from episode 2.





     Well, In my opinion Daddy Long Legs is a good example of a classic shojo anime, this anime features story, feelings, and emotions over action and flash. Judy Abbott is an good example of many of the most popular female anime leads that followed her. If anyone thinks that personality traits in the most popular shojo (young female/ young woman) anime characters are unique one must just look back at previous shojo heroines from series such as Candy Candy, and Daddy Long Legs.

      What made Usagi  (Sailor Moon), Sakura  (Card Captor Sakura), Belladandy  (Ah, My Godess), and Sora  (Kaleido Star) so popular with fans around the world can be directly traced back to much older anime female leads. The traits such as Genki (energetic, full of spirit), Gambaru (not giving up, I’ll do my best), Yasashii (gentle, kind, loving) can be directly traced back to older anime, remember the quote “there is  nothing new under the sun“. If your don’t feel comfortable letting your children watch some of current programing offered by Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon  give this anime a chance. All the messages featured in this series such as, striving for the future, being kind, being adventurous and wanting education, are positive and uplifting. Although this series can be a little melodramatic I’ll put it in the same category as series like Little House on the Prairie, and similar family shows. If you want a sweet, and moral, but not preachy show watch this one.