Rocket girls 10  starts off with the US space shuttle crew starting to make repairs on a defective space probe. Later on Miura is introduced to the world in a press conference, she is very embarrassed wearing the skin tight spacesuit. The space shuttle crew makes a mistake during the repair of the probe, causing a part to lodge inside the probe out of reach of the crew. Back at the SSA, the design of the two person capsule is introduced.

     Once the SSA director becomes aware of NASA’s problem he signs a contingency contract with NASA, he thinks the girls small size might be useful in retrieving the part. The girls as told that in two days that they’ll launch a mission to aid NASA, with Yukari in command, and Miura retrieving the part, Matsuri will be ground as back up. At first, Miura refuses saying she’ll only drag Yukari down, but Yukari tells her to take her chance to fly in space, and she won’t hold her down. During simulation training Miura is under a lot of pressure to succeed in the mission, and she becomes filled with self doubt. Later on the night before the launch, Miura makes a call home and finds out that her parents are very worried about her, and then she finds comfort in the company of Yukari and Matsuri at the beach, Yukari promises to take her all the way to the finish. That’s the end of episode 10, below are some screen shot from the show.



     Well, episode 10 continues to focus on Miura’s training and growth, she is very shy and lacks confidence. Yukari gets to act as a mentor, and protector for Yukari, she is showing more maturity and strength of will than before. This show continues to stay enjoyable, and interesting to watch, it’s good clean anime fun.