Rocket Girls 11  starts off with Yukari and Miura walking towards the launch platform where they meet the SSA director whom tells them to show NASA how its done. After liftoff Yukari gets the ship into orbit, but she finds Miura passed out and wakes her up. Muira is very excited being in space when she views the Earth from orbit. They arrive and dock with the space shuttle in no time flat, and the girls get a pretty warm welcome from everyone except the shuttle’s mission specialist. He yells at the girls and Yukari gives it right back to him, Muira is more diplomatic and goes to help him. Once at the probe, Miura backpack gets in the way and she can’t reach the part, so she removes the pack in order to retrieve the part. This act is very dangerous she has only three minutes of air, the NASA guy thinks this is crazy. After retrieving the part the NASA guy invites them into the shuttle where they get a nice welcome. Norman is still pretty cold towards the girls, while he’s repairing the probe its launches prematurely with the safety pin still in, the probe can’t reach Pluto unless its removed. Muira comes up with a plan to use the shuttle and the capsule to get enough speed to reach the probe, its a very dangerous plan and the girls could die, well that’s the end. Below are some screen shots.



     Well I found episode 11 to be very exciting and fast paced, the interactions of Yukari and Miura with the shuttle crew was interesting and funny. Maybe Yukari could find a boyfriend that fits her personality (Norman), he hot headed just like her. Only one more episode left in the series, it looks like it will be a real nail biter, look forward to it.