Here it is, the last episode of Rocket Girls. The episode starts off with the NASA safety committee recommending disapproval, but the overall decision is to go. NASA wants the separation to be handled by the capsule crew putting them in the most danger. Some of the SSA’s staff recommends that Yukari say no, but Yukari says yes, and thanks everyone for the tough training, and says her goodbye’s.  Yukari and Norman get into to it again (I can almost feel the attraction), but cooler heads prevail and the work is divided between the shuttle crew and the SSA crew. After finishing the prep work Norman and Gordon will do the separation even though NASA wanted the girls to do it.



      After the separation, Yukari thanks Norman making her peace (I can sense a date coming up). After the capsule fires its engines, the SSA’s engineer’s rush to the control room says the their data indicates the capsule will break up on reentry. The SSA director decides not to tell the girls till after the mission because its to late for them to change orbit now. After the probe is repaired the girls watch the sunrise over the Earth, and Miura thanks Yukari for taking her all the way, she then breaks down crying tears of joy.



      After separation from the probe, and confirming probe takeoff, Yukari can tell from the tone in Matsuri’s voice that somethings wrong, she demands to be told what it is. Matsuri to upset to tell her so the director breaks the bad news to them, almost the whole SSA control room is in tears. At the last minute Norman comes up with the idea to bounce the capsule off the atmosphere several times to slow it down enough so it won’t break up, saying one of the Apollo missions did it, everybody springs into action investigating the idea. NASA adapts the capsule data to Apollo data and the ship has to do 24 maneuvers to slow it down while pulling up to 8 G’s. They begin reentry and Yukari thanks everyone, and compliments Miura on her skill, she keeps a cool and calm demeanor, telling Miura it will be OK. After a while Yukari finds out that Miura has passed out, so she decides to wing it and fly by feel. Then after Yukari feels she did her best and their going to die she releases the stick leaving it in the hands of fate. Later a burnt and battered capsule is seen floating over Japan, Yukari’s skills slowed the capsule down enough to survive reentry. The last couple of minutes are bits of interviews of people involved in the SSA program, and Yukari and Miura are on another mission. Below are some screen shots.



     Well that was one hell of a ending to a series I really liked, the last several episodes were a real roller coaster ride. All the main players in this series were likable, and fun. Rocket Girls  had just the right mix of comedy and drama to it, I was finally satisfied with the maturity and composure that Yukari displayed at the end of the series. My only gripe was the silly middle episodes taking place at Yukari’s old school, I can only hope for another 12 episodes if they do a second season. Hell maybe Yukari and Norman could hook up in a second season. Below are the Rocket Girls.