Lucky Star 10  starts off with Tsukasa getting another cellphone to replace the one she washed, and her sister tells her to be more careful this time, Tsukasa agrees and then proceeds to drop it. Later, Kagami is annoyed at the slow speed of Tsukasa inputting text skills, and in frustration she says she’ll just put the data in for her. Then cousin Yui stops by to visit Konata who is busy playing an age restricted dating game, meanwhile Miyuki is at the doctors office because of a cold. Kagami teaches Tsukasa how to text and every body’s regretting it, she sending hundreds of texts to everyone. After some more cellphone related gags, Kagami and Konata visit a manga shop where we find out that Konata is also known as the legendary girl whom buys everything, but she can’t find what she wants there so she says she’ll go to Gamers, destroying the hopes of the salesman. Then the girls are going to do a sleepover at Konata’s house, but Konata’s worried, its probably because of slightly perverted father.

      At Konata’s house we get to see her crazy anime and manga filled room, she’s quite the otaku. Then at dinner Konata’s dad freaks out saying this is the day dreams come true having dinner with three high school girls. Upon hearing this Konata says this should only happen in manga or anime. Later the girls go for a walk under the stars that evening, Tsukasa says she’ll make three wishes, and Kagami spoils the mood says they won’t come true. Back at Konata’s house we see what the sister look like wearing each others hair styles, this is pretty cute. Then while looking at some of Konata’s photo albums they see a picture of Konata and her dad from her childhood, but Konata tells them that’s her mother, and Kagami asks if she was even legal then (knowing that the legal age in Japan is as low as 13 that’s saying something).  Below is a screen shot of Konata’s mother and father you be the judge.


     Then Konata asks Tsukasa what nicknames she should use for her and Kagami, every nickname Tsukasa suggests Konata perverts or twists around. Then in class Konata calls Kagami by one of the names, and Kagami tells her to stop it, and then Konata asks what she wants to be called by so Kagami says call me Kagami the great, at this point Konata uses it so much that Kagami apologises to her. Then we switch to Lucky Channel  where they discuss the nature of Kagami personality whether she’s Tsundere or Tsukkomi, I agree with Shiraishi that Kagami is both. He goes on a rant about this subject and even Akira is impressed by it. Well that’s all for episode 10, below are some screen shots.





     Well episode 10 was much better than the last episode, I had no trouble staying awake. Seeing Konata and her dad interact with her friends is quite funny now we know why Konata’s kind of strange. The Lucky Channel  skit was very funny it covers many of the common arguments anime and manga fans have about Kagami’s characterization. All in all a very good episode.