Episode 3 starts off with Judy’s arrival in New York City by train, she arrives at Penn. station (Note. Penn. station no longer exits), and her suit case is promptly stolen leading to a chase through the streets surrounding the station. After the thief gets a look at Judy’s meager belongings he no longer wants them, Walter Griggs whom has been following Judy is mistakenly arrested by the police for the theft of the suitcase. On her way to Grand Central station Judy bumps into a man carrying a lot of package making him drop them, she then helps him pick the stuff up, a young girl in the car has the driver give ten dollars for her help, she tries to refuse but the girl tells her to buy some new shoes. Then Judy arrives at the school and rushes up to her room and meets one of her roommates a nice girl named Sallie Mcbride.


     Then Judy’s other roommate arrives, to her surprise its the same from earlier in the day, and her name is Julia Rutledge Pendleton. Judy returns the money that was given to her by Julia, needless to say that the two girls don’t hit it off. Whenever Judy compliments something, Julia bad mouths the very same thing. A little later Judy asks Julia if somethings wrong with her that’s making her so unhappy, this really pisses Julia off. Julia goes on a rant about how the maid and her gardener have bigger rooms than them, and Judy says that she feels sorry of her. Later Julia ask Judy what her father does and Judy says that both her father and mother died when she was young. Judy goes on to describe and hide her orphanage upbringing by just changing the description of the orphanage sightly. Then the girls must get ready for the party being thrown for them by the school’s headmistress, this presents a problem for Judy because she spent all her money on gifts instead of buying clothes for school. At the last minute Walter Griggs delivers Judy a trunk containing a lot of nice clothes including a beautiful dress, so Judy ends up attending the party after all.  That’s all for episode 3. Below are some screenshots.




     Well, in this episode Judy sets off on her journey to school, and we get introduced to three main characters we’ll throughout the series. But, the main point of the episode is that Judy’s upbringing in the orphanage has left her severely handicapped in the social graces area. Julia’s spoiled rich girl attitude is a nice contrast to Judy’s always sunny personality, and Sallie’s middle of the road Mideastern sensibility is a nice middle ground. Well, its going to be interesting to see how Judy fits in with the elite girls at the school.