Lucky Star 12  starts off with the girls back in school just after X-mas, and Konata tries inviting Miyuki to a festival, but Kagami interrupts the conversation warning Miyuki that she really want her to go to  comic market with her. Later Kagami is writing New Years cards and calls Konata to ask if she had a death in the family that wasn’t announced, (Cultural Note: In Japan families send card to family and friends around New Years, most of these cards are printed by computer with a generic greeting or family picture on them, but people send personally hand written ones to really close friends and family. So, this shows that Kagami considers Konata a very close friend by wanting to personalize her card.)

     The next day Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa are on the way to comic market, and Tsukasa is very excited about it, and Kagami tries to warn her about the environment, but Tsukasa doesn’t understand until they finally get there. Once at comic market Konata gives Kagami and Tsukasa the shopping plan, she has it all planed out with the precision of a military operation. As the day progresses Konata and Kagami do pretty good as planned, but poor Tsukasa is blown away like a leaf in the wind by the crowd. A little later Kagami spots a yaoi manga and tries to pass it by but can’t resist, hey I know the feeling, sometimes I just can’t pass by a yuri manga. At lunch the girls get back together and Konata tells them how good comic market is compared to the old days, she’s been going to comic market with her dad since she was five years old.



      Later that night Kagami and Tsukasa are helping out as miko at the local festival and they run into Konato and her dad. The girls then draw their New Year’s fortunes, and Konata draws bad luck. After the festival Konata and her dad spend time at home, and the next day she tries to get Kagami to go to Gamers with her but no dice. Well, That’s all. Below are some screen shots.



     Well, I really liked the feel of episode 12, I don’t know how to explain it but it just felt good. The girls spend time at comic market, and then spend time on New Years eve together. I think this episode shows how very good friends the three girls are, and also no matter how strange Konata and her dad are they are in reality a very loving father daughter pair. This episode also had a lot of nice cultural touches about the Japanese New Years holiday.