Lucky Star 13  starts off with the girls returning to school after the New Years holiday break. The episode has the teacher reminding the students that only three more months remain in the school year, and the girls spend some time talking about the atmosphere of the new year. Kagami complains about her weight gain over the holiday vacation, and the other girls describe what they did over their vacations. There is a pretty funny gag skit involving Konata and Kagami with Konata doing a impersonation of Ayu from Kanon complete with the winged backpack and her signature exclamation of “Uguu”.


      Later the girls discuss what your first dream of the new year should be, and they also discuss what to wear to your coming of age ceremony. (Japanese cultural note, in Japan coming of age ceremony/day  Seijin Shiki is a national holiday held on the second Monday in January for residents who turn 20 that year. In Japan the age of adulthood is 20, when kids turn 20 they can officially drink, smoke, vote, sign contracts, and are subject to adult laws. This ceremony is held at a government building with the girls wearing kimonos, and the boys wearing suits or dark kimonos. At this ceremony speeches are given, and at the end of the ceremony the new adults receive a small gift or cash from the local government. Also this is the age that Japanese citizens can get their official stamp, this is the stamp that you see adults use to sign for things in anime and manga.) Later the girls talk about using Kotatsus (Japanese recessed heated tables), and about the upcoming valentines day.


     Tsukasa has a very romantic view of the day, Kagami has a practical view of the day, and Konata compares the day to how she perceives the day through game play. Valentine’s day arrives and Tsukasa gives Konata very fancy tomo-choko (friendship chocolate), and basically the girls exchange tomo-choko with each other, unfortunately no guys got any choko from the girls, oh well. Later we get another skit about Konata buying manga or should I say Konata not buying anything from the unfortunate manga shop. Then we get another installment of Lucky Channel  with the hosts announcing the results of a viewers poll. Then we get a live action ending skit that’s pretty weird. Well that’s all for episode 13, below are some screen shots from the show.


     Well I feel that episode 13 was a nice way to hit the halfway point of the series, this episode had a very nice feel to it. Lucky Star 13 had a lot of small slices of Japanese culture included in its plot, if you want a mellow slice of life anime with a little moe included, this is your series.