Sky Girls TV  is a anime series closely based on the thirty minute long Sky Girls OAV,  later I’ll go over the differences between the TV series and the OAV as I see it. Here is the basic series setup, in the year 2071 the earth is attacked by clusters of cyborg worms and by the year 2073 at least 1/3 of the human population has been wiped out. In response to the worm’s attacks, the Earth forms a global military, but this move fails to stop the worms, and so in 2074 the military responds with nuclear attacks to destroy the worms. The consequences of this act are devastating, the Antarctic disappears, and one half the Earth’s landmass sinks into the sea. The war has killed off 90% of all the males in their 20’s and 30’s (Boy it would be nice to be a young guy then, no reason to get married, you could have nine girlfriends!).


     Now the series starts up 10 years later in the year 2084, and the military is looking for some new test pilots. The first girl the military recruits is named Otoha Sakurano, she lives with her mother and grandfather on a small island. Otaha is a skilled scuba diver, and she is also in training to take over the family dojo, and her family is against her joining the military. One of the future recruits looks to be a female military pilot named Eika Ichijo, during a training mission she is defeated  by an experimental mecha she calls sonic diver. Her ground crew tries to get her to issue a rematch request, but she refuses, she realizes it’s not a skill issue but her lack of modern equipment. The next recruit is a very shy and intelligent girl named Karen Sonomiya, she is only 16 years old and has a bachelors degree, but as her friend says she may be good at school but she’s no good around any boys except her brother. Well that’s about all for episode one, and below are some screen shots from the episode.



     OK, here’s the deal on Sky Girls TV  episode one, the series is a retelling of the Sky Girls OAV  in series form. The OVA starts off with the three girls as fully trained mecha pilots entering their first real combat mission, and the series starts off with the girls just being recruited as test pilots, so the series will spend a lot of time on the trials and tests the girls must go through to become pilots. One major difference between the OAV and the series is that the OAV probably had a bit of fan service in every minute of the OAV. The OAV had a dozens of crotch and pantie shots just for the hell of it, mega fan-service for fan boys. In the first episode this is toned way down, almost non existence compared to the OAV, don’t get me wrong the girls are still good looking but they are not posing for the guys every second of the show. The animation in episode one is pretty good and the character design is all right. The opening song called Virgin High  is upbeat and lively, and the closing song called True Blue is OK. I’ll watch this series to see how the plot and story develops, I like fan-service as much as the next guy, but I hope they don’t start to over do it like the OAV did. So far I’ll recommend watching this series.