Well, Lucky Star 14  Starts off with the cousin Yui’s little sister Yutaka moving in with Konata and her father, Yutaka has passed the entrance exam and will be starting as a first year high school student while Konata and her friends as starting their third (senior) year of school. Needless to say Konata father thinks that he has died and gone to heaven having another cute girl in the house. 

     The first part of the episode deals with Yutaka’s trials and tribulations of testing to get into the same school as Konata. Later the girls talk about using caller ID to determine if you should answer the phone or not, and then they discuss why the restrooms in restaurants are always near the smoking section. Later there is a funny skit about Who wants to be a millionaire, and Kagami gets mad at Tsukasa for looking at the clock to determine if the contestant got the question right or wrong. Kagami and Tsukasa visit Konata’s house where they get introduced to Yu-chan, and the girls have a long conversation about school traditions, and the differences between high school and middle school. At the end of the episode we get another episode of Lucky Channel  where Akira makes a desperate appeal to the fans to get her put into an  real appearance in Lucky Star.  Well that’s all for episode 14. Below are some screen shots.



     Well episode 14 was a pretty fun and enjoyable episode , we got to see the introduction of a new Lucky Star  girl. Yutaka is the perfect example of the imouto type girl (little sister), and Konata wastes no time pointing this out. Konata also points out how it would be a riot to see Yutaka and Miyuki together (imouto girl and glasses moe girl), you would have to beat the fan-boys off with a stick. Well that’s one of the things I like about Luck Star,  the shows low key sense of humor along with a self aware and self deprecating jabbing directed at the show and the anime fans that like this type of genre. Also this episode was loaded with many parodies and send offs of other anime series.