Episode 4 begins with Judy writing daddy (John Smith) and inviting him to the school’s opening ceremony. Judy has a lot of trouble learning the mannerisms of young lady due to her orphanage upbringing. Sallie has been asked to give the opening speech at the ceremony this causes her endless worrying and frays her nerves. Even though Judy enjoys her new surroundings she still misses the other children that depended on her at the orphanage. On opening day Judy waits outside to greet John Smith, but he never shows up, and this make Judy sad. Judy gets to meet Sallie’s and Julia’s parents, and its very interesting to see the differences between them, Sallie’s parents are warm and informal while Julia’s parents are stoic and very formal. At the opening ceremony Sallie gets called up to give the opening speech and freezes up, but Judy saves the day by writing a speech for Sallie on poster board kinda like a written teleprompter.  After the ceremony Sallie’s parents thank Judy for saving Sallie when she had trouble, and the episode ends with Judy writing Daddy a letter. Below are some screen shots.




     Well , another episode of Daddy Long Legs  is done, we continue were we left off at the end of episode 3. From now on most episodes of this series will begin with Judy writing a letter to daddy setting the tone of the episode, and most episodes will end with Judy also writing a letter to daddy basically summing up the emotions of the episode. This episode continues with Judy become aware of her strengths and weaknesses, because of her upbringing she lacks the manners and behaviors to properly fit in with the upper middle class and rich girls whom attend the school. But Judy has a lot of strengths, her writing abilities are second to none, she can think on the fly, and the smallest pleasures in life bring her great joy. It will be interesting to see how she learns to fit in at the school, and how she’ll find her place in life.

     After a couple more episodes of DLL  I’ll start covering another shoujo anime with basically the same storyline, and taking place at basically the same time (Candy Candy). The two anime have almost the same setup but they are almost completely different in terms or how certain parts of American society are viewed. The main difference is one story was created by an American writer, and the other was created by a Japanese writer whom never visited America prior to writing the novel.