Lucky Star 15  starts out with the girls waiting in line to get special event tickets, Konata and Kagami draw losers but Tsukasa and Miyuki draw winners saving the day. At a concert that night all the girls get a good view of the show except Konata , and when Kagami notices this she switches seats with Konata. Later the girls do some cherry blossom viewing.

     (Cultural Note: Cherry blossoms [sakura] is basically the Japanese national flower, each year when the Sakura bloom, cherry blossom viewing [hanami] parties are held around the country. Many Japanese people like to sit under the sakura trees and enjoy their natural beauty. In Zen Buddhism falling sakura can come to symbolise the beauty in the changing or fading of things such as youth, love, beauty, and other cherished things.)

     Later Konata calls Kagami pulling an April’s fools joke on her but a few minutes later Konata’s teacher Kuroi calls an pulls an April’s fools joke on her. The next day the girls start their senor year Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki all end up in the same class together, and Kagami ends up in a separate class again. Kagami tries to not show the other girls how much this bothers her, but she’s still really saddened by this. The rest of the episode is spent with the classes taking care of stuff such as picking the class reps and so forth. Well that’s it for episode 15. Below are some screen shots from the show.




     Well episode 15 had a pretty melancholy feel to it, I think the girl most affected by this is Konata. I also feel that Kagami and Konata have became really close friends its as if each of them knows what the other is thinking with out saying anything. I can’t help but feel the eventual coming end of this series, Damn them falling cherry blossoms!