I know their only anime girls, but I have to ask all you guys out there, and girls too if your in to that kind of thing, if your could date one of the main girls of the series what one would it be. I’m excluding Yu-chan b/c she just joined the show, and Akira b/c she’s still in middle school. Your choices are listed below.

Miyuki (age: around 17, high school senior), Kind, smart, easy going, and has the best figure in the group.


Tsukasa (age: around 17, high school senior) Super cute, a little naive, slightly absent minded, great cook, little sister type.


Konata (age: around 17, high school senior) kind of lazy, anime and manga otaku, gamer girl, laid back, good sense of humor.


Kagami (age: around 17, high school senior) Good student, smart, deadpan sense of humor, a little gruff, can be sarcastic at times.


Nanako (age: 27, high school teacher) Smart, baseball fan, has a good job, has a nice figure, online gamer, doesnt seem to go out much.


Yui (age: 26, police officer) Konata’s cousin, married but husband not home a lot, likes to drink when spouse not home, adventurous, outspoken, crazy driver.


     Well, I list what I consider the six main choices for your consideration. At my current age I probably choose Nanako over Yui, Nanako seems more stable, and it seems to me that if you got her out of the house and got her get a little wild she could be quite fun. If I were a lot younger (high school age or a little older), I would choose Kagami by a hair over Konata, Miyuki would be a little too traditional for me, Tsukasa while very cute is a bit too immature for me. While you could sit around and game and talk anime all night with Konata in the end we would just end up getting fat together from never leaving the house. In Kagami I find that her common sense and deadpan sense of humor would be nice to be around. Well, that’s just my opinion lets hear from you guys.