Lucky Star 16  starts out with Konata showing Kagami her new cellphone, and of course Konata has already loaded it with her otaku stuff. The girls then spend a lot of time on relationships with-in their families, Miyuki and her mother, Konata and her father, and Tsukasa and Kagami with their parents and sisters. Konata tells the girls that she’ll have been on the job at the cosplay cafe for one year, and her coworker are going to do something for her.



      She invites them to come see her at work, and Kagami says they have never seen her at work. On their way to visit Konata she calls Kagami and asks her to stop at the manga shop and pick something up for her, and as their about to walk in they get ambushed by camera carrying otaku. The picture taking upsets and creeps out Tsukasa, and Kagami protect her sister from them. At the cosplay/maid cafe Kagami is shocked at how the girls dress and act on the job. Later at school Yu-chan is bummed out that she hasn’t grow at all after a health check, and Konata shows up and bursts her hopes stating that she has not grown in any direction while in high school. We also get to see Kagami with some of her other classmates in study hall, remember she’s not in the same class as the other girls. On Lucky Channel  we get to see Akira’s concert premier in a karaoke room. That’s all, below are some screenshots.




     Well I really had a good time watching Lucky Star 16, the pace of the show continues to be very mild, it’s almost as if the as the end of the girls school days approach, the pace of the show slows down to gives us more insight into their lives and their friendships. Seeing Konata at work was quite interesting at first I thought Kagami was shocked, but in the end I think see changed her mind when she saw how much fun Konata was having. The Lucky Channel  skit was very good, and when I saw Akira singing I thought she was very cute, it was kind of nice seeing her not being a bitch all the time.