Sky Girls 2  starts off right were episode 1 ended, at this point Eika meets the base commander Capt Togo and his second in command Lt Hizuki, and she finds out that the other two selected pilots will not be coming from the military but will be civilians. Otoha continues her journey from the small island she lived on towards the training base by train, at a train stop the other pilot candidate Karen boards the train and takes a seat across from her. The girls exit the train by the military base and wait for transportation where they stop a purse snatcher working as a team, and a little while later they are picked up by Capt. Togo.


      Once they arrive at the base the two girls are in processed into the military, and awhile later they go to their barracks room where they find Eika inside. Eika tells them that their in the military now so rules are important and they should not get in her way. After the two new girls change into uniform they go to the base hanger where the see their test aircraft, flying exoskeletons called sonic divers. After checking out the sonic divers the girls must try out their  motion slit suits (pilot suits), the suits are made out of nano materials, and synchronized to their sonic divers. At the end of the episode the test team finds a high sync rate between Otoha and her sonic diver, the team thinks that this is related to the final encounter with the worms. Well that’s all for episode 2, below are some screenshots from the episode.



     Well episode 2 of Sky Girls continues to have a nice feel in terms of pacing and plot development, not too fast and not too slow, it seems that the 5 to 6 main players in this series have all received a proper introduction. All of the main players in this series are interesting but none of the character types are new. The commander/second in command team is kinda of like the FMA  team of Mustang/Hawkeye, one kind of laid back and one kind of serious.

     The three female pilots all have personality types we’ve seen before, Karen is super smart but very shy she’s almost like Ami-chan from Sailor Moon, and she also has a big brother complex. I’ve seen many anime girls with big brother complexes (Alien 9, Oniisama e.) Karen even writes her brother letters all the time like Nanako from Oniisama e.  Otoha is a kind, caring, and never quit kind of girl,when I first saw her I thought that she’ll end being like Hikaru from MKR, loyal, fierce, and never giving up. In Eika we get a tough no nonsense task master type, mission first fun later. Later in the series, Eika attitude will probably save the girls many time over, but her attitude will probably also cause some problems. I can understand her initial attitude towards the other girls, she’s military and there outsiders. I spent many years in the army, and you don’t accept people into the group until you can prove that you know what your doing, and you won’t get other people killed.

     The only thing I find strange is the plot line that is developing, three teens piloting mecha that there linked to by some kind of DNA sync, fighting alien worms, can anyone say EVA. Overall I find the series quite entertaining, and engaging, the animation quality is OK, and the opening song is upbeat and lively. The fanservice in Sky Girls has been kept to an acceptable level, nothing rises to a level that would make parents of younger viewers nervous.