Episode 5 starts out with Judy receiving a letter, and this makes her very happy. Back at the room Julia is being very disagreeable with two workmen about her choice in wallpaper, and poor Sallie is caught in the middle. Soon, Judy arrives at their room and the wallpaper issue is solved. After Julia leaves the room in a huff Judy and Sallie open Judy’s letter, and it contains her thirty five dollar a month allowance. Judy and Sallie go to the graduating student sale to look for some furniture for Judy’s room. This episode also features the arrival of the dorm supervisor Joanna Sloan, a women in her late forties or early fifties, she takes great offense to people calling her ma’am instead of miss.


     At the furniture sale Judy buys a lot of stuff, and she is very happy, telling Sallie that this is the first time she’s buying stuff with her own money. Sallie assumes that Judy has had her maid or butler pick her stuff up like everyone else. Judy almost immediately gets in trouble with miss Sloan for causing a commotion in the dorm, later Judy gets it to even more trouble for making a lot of noise. Judy gets punished for breaking the rules by having to hand write a copy for every room. Because miss Sloan was not specific on how she wanted them written, Judy manages to get back at miss Sloan. Well, that’s about all from episode 5. Below are some screen shots.



     Well episode 5 of Daddy Long Legs continues with the character development of Judy, Julia, and Sallie. This episode also introduces miss Sloan, a person I assume will be kind of an adversary of Judy for most of the series. So far none of main players seem to be bad people, Julia might be be a little spoiled but not evil. The main themes for this episode is that the simplest things continue to make Judy happy. One thing I have to mention is that orphanage girls seem to be great at climbing trees, Judy is great at it, and Candy from Candy Candy (1976) is a tree climbing expert. Also, Judy has told nobody about her orphanage upbringing.