Well, episode 3 starts out with the girls getting basic training geared towards being able to operate the sonic diver units. The training includes classroom work, simulator training, g-force training, and physical fitness training. The training takes its toll on Karen and Otoha, while Eika takes it without a word of complaint. Later Karen finds Eika doing extra training and discovers that Eika barely meet the minimum requirements so that’s why she works so hard. Then the girls get to meet the people in charge of the maintenance of the sonic diver units, and each unit has its own individual mechanic.



     Otoha’s unit has a male mechanic that seems to have made a pass at her almost right away. On the first test flight, Eika’s unit runs fine for a while then the sync breaks down and the unit goes out of control. Capt. Togo wants to save the unit and pilot but Lt Hizuki wants to eject the pilot and save the unit, while they are fighting Otoha convinces her mechanic to help her get her unit into the air and try to save Eika. Otoha manages to save Eika, and Eika becomes a little more friendly with Otoha. Well that’s all for episode three.



     Well this episode had all the standard stuff you’ll expect to find in any team building phase of an anime show, the stuff in this episode is almost a carbon copy of the same stuff you saw in the Rocket Girls  anime, including one girls rescuing the other girl. You also get the introduction of other players in the series, and you also find out that the Capt. cares more for the pilots than his Lt. does. Also you get the introduction of the Ryohei & Otoha combination that was so funny in the OAV. Before anyone gets the wrong idea I checked the Sky Girls  website and discovered Ryorei is 19 and Otoha is 16, so this is not an old man/loli combo its just that she’s animated younger looking than she should be/ or he’s drawn older looking. That issue aside I find the series kind of interesting, it seems like nice mellow light sifi anime. I really didn’t need another angst filled super dramatic emo kids save the world from monsters anime. The fan service level in this episode was a little higher than the first two.