Lucky Star 17  begins with the girls getting their results back from the exams they just took, and like usual Konata spent more time gaming than studying. Also, the news reported that another suspect is busted, and he had thousands of manga (hentai?), and video games (eros?) in his house. Kagami rags Konata by saying that another person like her got busted, of course Konata thinks this is unfair.


     The next day is Konata’s birthday and the girls give her some gifts, Kagami asks if she bummed about getting older, and Konata says no because now she can buy adult video games. At that point, Kagami tells Konata that she hasn’t grown up on the inside or the outside, and Miyuki is asked if she gets mistaken for being older? Miyuki says that when she’s in street clothes people think she’s an office lady. Japanese Cultural Note: (In the Japanese work world a office lady (OL) is a female worker aged 18-27, though this age can vary. The office ladies do menial tasks around the workplace such as filing, answering the phones, making coffee, and picking up the men’s lunches and dry cleaning. In a lot of Japanese businesses the female workers are not considered a permanent part of the corporation, they are expected to leave work and raise a family once they get married. So this attitude limits the female workers in their ability to advance in Japanese corporations. The working relationships between OL’s can be very cliquish and petty. Very few OL’s stay with their corporations for an entire careers, but this is slowly changing. In some work places the OL’s are referred to as office flowers, meaning that their sole value is in decorating the office with their beauty instead of their skills.)


     Later on the girls have to list their career choices, Miyuki—doctor, Tsukasa—cooking, clothing design, Kagami—law, economics, Konata—brigade commander, winning contests?. Later Tsukasa tells Kagami that she’ll bake some cake and cookies to relieve the stress of studying, but this leads to Kagami stressing about her weight. We also get to see the interaction between Kagami & Tsukasa and their older sisters, oh boy Kagami and her sister Matsuri have almost the same personalities. The closing song skit is just amazingly funny. Well that’s all for this episode. Below are some screen shots.



     Well, episode 17 is over and the show continues its onward progression toward the finish, in this episode the girls concerns turn more towards the finish. Career choices and preparing foe exams start to consume more of their time, you can notice the difference between these later episodes and the earlier episodes. In these later episode the girls spend a lot more time hitting the books than fooling around together. Well all good thing must come to an end.