Sunday, August 5th, 2007


     At the beginning of episode 2 we see that one of Ink’s classmates, Sumi-chan also has a crush on Nao-kun, Sumi-chan is another loli looking girl like Ink. Sumi is a slightly spoiled rich girl whom has a maid that likes to torment her when she gets the chance. Like Ink-chan, Sumi-chan  is a very loli looking girl, even though she is 17 she looks like she’s about 12, she has purple hair with a long ahoge that moves on its own accord, and the ahoge also sprouts various shapes that reflect Sumi-chan’s moods.


     At school Sumi asks Nao out on a date but Nao refuses says that he spends his time studying with Pastel Ink, Sumi assumes that Pastel Ink is Ink-chan and tells her that they are rivals. Ink’s cellphone goes off alerting her of a person in need of rescue, so she transforms and flies off to rescue someone. Sumi was hiding by a building corner and saw Ink’s transformation and flying, so the secret is out. After rescuing someone, one of Ah-chan rivals from the magical world shows up and starts attacking Ink and Ah-chan. After a short fight, Ah-chan defeats his rival whom leaves the field of battle saying they’ll meet again. After school Sumi has a chance encounter with Ah’s rival, and after talking about the situation she agrees to become a magic girl too, after her transformation she calls herself Tempera Sumi? Later at home Ink finds out that she earned twenty magic points for saving someone, and she also finds out that when she’s earned enough points Ah-chan can go home, well that’s all.




     Moetan  continues to be a enjoyable spoof of the maho shojo gerne, and with the introduction of a magic girl rival it looks like it will be twice the fun. Adding a second magic girl makes some of the plot lines almost a clone of the Magical Project S  anime, in that show we had two magic girls as rival Pretty Sammy and Pixy MisaMoetan  continues to add a bit of ecchi into each episode, every time one of the girls does some action sequence a different body part is featured. Nao is a typical clueless male anime protagonist, he has two loli girls practically throwing themselves at him but he’s too stupid, or too disinterested to notice. So if your tastes in anime leans towards watching a good natured ecchi spoof comedy watch Moetan


     Moetan  is an anime based on some English language study guides published in Japan targeted towards anime, manga, and video game otaku. These study guides were originally made fun of because of there poor quality in studying proper English usage, and these guides have even been parodied several times. The series follows the adventures of Ink-chan, a shy, cute, very young looking Japanese high schoolgirl, and her crush Nao-kun a Japanese high school guy. Ink-chan has a serious crush on Nao-kun but can’t quite bring herself to tell him so, she even gets encouragement for her friends but she still can’t say it.


     Ink-chan is very good in English class, she gets the highest scores, Nao-kun is very bad in English he scores so low that his future university attendance is put in jeopardy, this situation could ruin Ink’s dream of them attending college together. As Ink goes to a temple to pray for Nao’s college situation to improve she gets hit in the head by a falling duck like creature. It turns out that the duck was sent by the king of the magical world into the human world as punishment, and that he going to make Ink a magic girl. Well, at first Ink says no, but when she finds out she can change her appearance and help Nao-kun study she accepts the magic girl job. So she gets a magical transformation device (cell phone), and transforms into magical teacher, pastel ink. So Ink uses her new magic girl persona to help Nao-kun study English, and lots of madcap fun occurs at Nao-kun’s house. That’s all for episode 1.



     Well, I found Moetan  to be a quite amusing sightly ecchi send up of the magic girl genre. Just about everything you’d find in a magic girl series is just slightly twisted in a funny way. In most magic girl series the main character is a sweet, pure and innocent girl with a non sexual attraction to her crush but Ink clearly lusts after Nao but doesn’t have the courage to say it. also in most magic girl series the animal mascot is usually a older more mature guiding voice of reason, but Ah-kun is a semi perverted disinterested guy. When a magic girl transforms she almost always changes into a slightly more mature version of herself, but Ink’s transformation is to a more loli version of herself. All in all I found the show to be a quite funny spoof of a magic girl series that anyone with a little otaku in them could love. Hell if your an otaku you can only dream of the night a loli maho shojo shows up at your door to “help you study”.