Daddy Long Legs 6  starts off with Judy getting ready for the first day of classes. She gets in trouble again for climbing on the school’s roof to watch an airplane flying by. When Judy attends her English class she ends up embarrassing herself with her lack of knowledge about authors. Her lack of knowledge is so great that the other students laugh at her and the professor thinks the she’s making fun of him, so she gets tossed out into the hall. After the class Sallie realizes that Judy didn’t know the author, so she takes Judy to the library, and Judy is amazed at seeing all the books. Judy checks out a lot of books as study material, and then she practically reads all night long.


     In the next English class the students are assigned a writing project, they must write an essay about their family life. At lunch Julia and Sallie talk about their essay topics while Judy is very quite, then Julia asks Judy if she’s going to write about her huge mansion? Judy writes Daddy a letter knowing in her heart he won’t reply asking him for some personal information she can use in her essay, but she receives no reply to her letter. At the last minute, Judy writes her essay and shades the truth enough to hide her orphanage upbringing from the teacher and other students. When she reads her essay to the class, she gets praise by the professor and her fellow students for the essay’s quality. In the end she writes daddy confessing her lies, telling him it may seem like a small thing to him but to her it’s a big deal. Well that’s all for episode 6.






     Well episode 6 sets up a lot of the issues that Judy will have to deal with throughout the entire series. First of all, Judy’s poor education at the orphanage hurts her in many ways, especially in the social graces area. Her lack of proper literary knowledge really shows, but the imagination necessary to survive such a bleak environment helps her with her writing. Secondly and most importantly is the issue of her perceived self worth and self esteem, Judy is afraid to admit she’s an orphan, an abandoned child.

     This issue has been seen many times in anime. In NGE  Shinji views himself as weak and worthless, those feelings render him unable to properly engage other people, in other words one can not truly love another unless one loves themselves first. Also this issue is one of the major plot lines in the Twelve Kingdoms  anime, in that anime Youko is unable to become a complete person until she is able deal with her lack of self esteem and character weaknesses, at that point she is able to deal with the world in proper manner. As Daddy Long Legs progresses we will have to see if Judy will gain the maturity and self confidence to tell the world who she really is and let them chose whether to accept her or not.