At school Sumi asks Nao to go to her villa for a vacation (date?), but Nao’s not interested, then Ink’s friends but in and invite themselves and Ink along. Nao says that if everyone’s going then he’s interested, and so Sumi basically has no choice. Sumi’s maid throws Sumi in the car while she’s still asleep, and they pick everyone at the school. While at the villa the girls enjoy a lot of swimming in rather reveling bathing suits (poor Ink is still wearing her primary school suit, but that’s about she could fill out). Later Remi and Rina are frightened by a ghost in the hallway, and Sumi says she doesnt believe them so she and Ink head to the bathroom to take a bath. In the bath Ink and Sumi remember the good times they had together when they were young. Later that night Ink and Sumi go in search of the ghost only to find a cute lonely girl ghost in need of some company. The next day they all head back home together, including the ghost. At the end of the episode there’s a little skit called Moetan  corner were one of the girls covers magic girl rules, or otaku rules. Well, that’s all.




     Well Moetan  continues to be a fun series to watch, and it turns out that the two girls aren’t really as big of rivals as I thought they would be. Nao continues to follow all the tropes of a magic girls affection object, even though the transformed magic girl is basically the same person he can never figure it out. This episode had a lot of little anime spoof skits in it, and it was quite amusing trying to pick them all out. This episode continued to have fan service included but not as much as the second episode. Until next episode, magical change.