Lucky Star 18  starts off with Konata deciding, if the girls were animals, what kind of animals they would be. Then at school Konata has a talk with Miyuki about her eyesight, and if she could improve it with exercise (very cute). At lunch Tsukasa asks Konata what moe means, and all Konata says is that you like something. Kagami is not satisfied with this answer, but Konata say it’s something an otaku would understand right away. Then the girls talk about umbrellas and cell phone bills. Later we get to see how Yu-chan and her friends get along, and then we also see Kagami’s interaction with her classmates. Then in the Lucky Channel  segment we see Akira getting angry about all the bit players getting screen time, and her appearance being only two seconds long. Well that’s all for episode 19, below are some screen shots.




     Well Lucky Star  keeps moving at its slow but enjoyable pace, there were some very cute parts especially the animals bit, and the moe bit. In this episode a lot of the girls classmates get some screen time, but I don’t know if this is going to continue, or if it was a one time deal. Until next week, what is moe, Tsukasa (well its you).