Episode 4 starts off with Ryohie and Otoha performing punishment duty for disobeying orders when they saved Eika from crashing her sonic diver. They have a mini quarrel, with each one calling the other “a kid”. The girls continue to train hard for a month straight without a day off, and then the girls are given a vacation day. The girls head into town to buy some things, on the train they discuss whether the Ltc. or the Lt. gave them the day off, the only one to figure it out is Karen, but the other two girls think she’s wrong.



     In town the girls get something to eat, and a while later Karen drops her pen in the street. While taking a break, Karen realizes that she lost her brothers pen, and she goes into a panic rushing off to find the pen. She leaves the other girls behind, and they follow searching for the pen too. In a near state of desperation Karen almost has an emotional breakdown, and at that moment the guy who found Karen’s pen returns it to her. Karen is crying tears of joy when the other two girls find her, Otoha thinking he assaulted Karen attacks the boy with a broom. When the situation is cleared up the girls buy him dinner as an apology for the misunderstanding, and later they all watch the sunset together.


      On their way back to the base Karen expresses regret that she didn’t get his name or number, and Eika tells her not to worry because she’ll see him again in town. The next day it turns out that the guy from town is the unit’s new communicator, Hayami Takumi. After the introductions, he shakes hand with everyone but Karen who is too shy, Ltc Togo forces her to do it, and it is the first time she acts semi normal around a guy. Well that’s all for episode 4, below are some screen shots.


     Well, episode 4 of Sky Girls  was basically a Karen centered episode. At the beginning of the episode it was very funny watching Otoha and Ryohie bickering like the Lockhorns. Then we got to see Eika becoming more friendly in her own Eika kind of way, its like the way May from Kaleido Star  tries to be more friendly and kind with Sora and the others. But for the most part the episode deals with Karen’s problems dealing with guys, she’s about the most shy/frustrated/repressed anime female I’ve seen. But at the end of the episode, thanks to Ltc. Togo prodding, she at least able to shake hands with, and speak to a guy without going into shock. She needs to get over this issue before she explodes in a girls gone wild type situation, like Brittany, Paris, or Lindsay. We also get to see that Ltc Togo much more understanding person than the Lt. is, but he likes the girls to thing its the other way around. This series can’t make up its mind on the fan service issue, one episode its fan service every other minute, and the next episode its zero fan service. Well, for now I find this series very interesting, cute girls, skintight flightsuits, mecha, and a little innocent fan service what could be better.