This episode starts off with Judy writing another letter to Daddy, and in the letter Judy talks about school and the upcoming Christmas holidays. Later Judy and Sallie are sitting in the cafeteria listening to Julia brag about what she’s doing for the holidays, and Judy is tired of watching Julia show off her new silk stockings. Judy shows distaste for Julia’s bragging, and the girls end up sniping at each other.


     later that evening Judy gets reminded of her recent past, as Ms. Sloan makes an announcement that the church is here collecting for their donation box. Judy has very bad memories of being forced to accept old clothes (trash) back when she was at the orphanage. Julia begins to suspect something strange about Judy and goes to her room to ask her what she’ll donate. Julia causes Judy to go into a complete rage, and Sallie tries to calm the situation down. Julia starts snooping around trying to find out about Judy’s background. Julia finds out that Judy is staying at the dorm over the holidays, and starts asking her about her family, and about the presents that they’ll send her. Julia says Judy is like a orphan, and Judy lies stating that she has lots of family but there all over the country. Just before the start of vacation Judy receives a letter from Walter Griggs, and a Christmas present from daddy, five gold coins ($100  in gold coins, worth about $4500 in today’s dollars, one hell of a gift). She uses the money to buy gifts to back up her story about her family, and get Julia off her back. Well, that’s all for this episode, below are some screen shots.






     In episode 7 we see that Judy still has issues about her orphanage upbringing, she continues to lie and cover up her past. Julia has major issues about Judy’s past, and Julia’s issues about Judy will keep resurfacing throughout the whole series. Sallie continues to be a peace maker between the two other girls. All and all, a very touching episode, will Judy ever own up to her past? Will Julia stop being a spoiled rich girl? Will Sallie ever be anything more than vanilla? Only time will tell.