This episode begins with the girls talking about how you talk to your pets, and Konata rips Kagami about having fish (hey, Konata I have fish to, back off). Then Konata and her dad have a otaku discussion about the Gundam series. Then the girls are shown spending a lot of time on studying for their tests, and the adults get disappointed that the girls only ask themselves for help instead of asking them for help. Later Konata considers Miyuki’s mistakes very moe inducing, and Kagaimi and Konata have a conversation about how otaku’s view moe. Then the episode switches focus to Yu-chan and her friends, and there’s a pretty good insert of a FMA sequence. Most of the rest of the episode is filled out with sketches of Tamura doing her various dojin related stuff. Well that’s all, below are some screen shots.







     Well Lucky Star  continues its march towards to finish line, and more and more of the girls time is taken up by exam preparation. Pretty soon the girls will have to get into the full swing of preparing for exam hell. The series is switching more of its focus on Yu-chan and her friends, now the moe level is doubled. Hey Yu-chan you better keep Tamura away from the house we all know that Konata’s dad likes them young, and Tamura probably a even bigger otaku than Konata.