At the beginning of this episode Eika over hears the last part of a conversation between the Togo and Hizuki, they are discussing that the higher ups are wanting the sonic diver unit to start practicing combat missions. Togo is upset by this, but Hizuki tells him that after spending all that money the higher ups expect a return, and if they don’t get it they might cancel the program. Togo has them start practicing for a demonstration for the generals, but he hasn’t told the other girls that the program could be cancelled. Because of Eika’s previous flight training she is the only performing to a high standard, and Togo basically leaves it in the hands of Eika to get the other girls skills up to snuff. So after a little thought Eika starts to train the other girls on how to be a team, and she uses synchronized swimming to help with their timing. After their timing gets much better Togo adds weapons practice to the mix, Eika is great, Karen is OK, but Otoha is terrible with a gun. Eika helps Otoha with specialized training to bring her shooting skills up to the proper level. At the official demonstration everything goes OK until its Otoha’s turn to fire then her unit refuses to shoot its gun. After a while the unit wants her to draw her sword instead, so she uses the sword to destroy the target drones. Later Togo tells the girls that their are promoted to official test pilots, with Karen and Otoha becoming Sergeants, and Eika becoming Master Sergeant. Just as the episode is about to end it looks like Hizuki is being notified that the worms are back. Well that’s all of episode five, below are some screen shots.




     Sky Girls  episode five follows the typical training phase found in many anime of this genre, first the team members perform as individuals, but they gradually learn to come together as a team. I found the synchronized swimming bit a little goofy, that type of thing been done before, remember how in NGE (episode 9, dance like you want to win) Asuka and Shinji were forced to dance in synchronized manner to improve their timing. Also in this episode Eika must use her leadership and training skills to help the other two girls, as a jet pilot this goes against the normal top gun behavior, in an elite environment everyone normally tries to prove that their skills are superior. Ltc Togo keeps a hands off and low key management style kinda of like the management styles of the flight director in Rocket Girl,  and Col Mustang from FMA. The only thing is didn’t like was the whole issue of the special link Otoha has with her sonic diver, I hope it doesnt turn into some weird DNA link like the pilots had in NGE,  or some type of living mecha like in Eureka 7.  From my experience just give me a piece of equipment that does what I tell it to do and I’ll be happy, the last thing I want is my electronic equipment talking back to me.