This episode begins with Judy reading her essay to her English class, it is revealed that her essay was published on the front page of the school paper. The professor tells the class that that was the first time a first year student had a essay published on the front page. So Judy sends a copy of the newspaper to daddy so he can read the essay for himself. Judy asks in subsequent letters if he (daddy) has gotten the paper, and read her essay. Judy is disappointed that he has not responded, but she shouldn’t be, remember in the second episode she was told that he would never reply to her in person. Judy takes her exams and fails the math portion, so she must take a retest. Judy falls into a very depressed mood b/c she thinks daddy is disappointed by her exam failure, she also falls ill, and runs off in a snowstorm. After returning to the dorm Judy gets very sick and they have to call the doctor to see her. For all the trouble Judy causes Miss Sloan, she shows real concern for Judy’s health. While very sick Judy writes a letter to John Smith (daddy) saying that he must not care for her, and he probably just throws her letters away, and that since she’s so sick and will probably die it soon won’t matter. John Smith (daddy) sends Judy flowers and a get well letter, and this helps Judy get better Judy later apologises for the nasty letter she sent. Well that’s all for episode 8, below are some screen shots.



     Well episode 8 reveals some of Judy’s weaknesses to the viewers, if you remember that Judy choose not to reveal her orphanage upbringing to her roommates. She lied about having a caring guardian, and living in a large friendly home. So, other than her roommates Judy is alone, she has no parent, brother or sister, or caring adult that she can confide her successes and failures too. She wants John Smith (daddy) to be that person, but in the beginning she was told that Mr. Smith would never answer her personally but she desperately what him to be a real caring guardian. So Judy must deal with many issues on her own, Judy will have to learn to be strong or become a nervous wreck.