Sky Girls 6  begins with the return of the worms, and the destruction of western Europe’s military base, Lt. Hizuki seams to have thought this would happen but just not this fast. While doing her laundry Otoha finds a bra in her dryer and is surprised by its size, or her lack of size, so she starts a quest to locate the owner out of curiosity, or maybe envy.



     It turns out that Karen discovers that the owner is Nanae, but she does not tell Otoha. She notices that Nanae is very embarrassed by the attention or envy that the Otoha is expressing. Later the launch alarm goes off and the girls rush to get ready for launch, and in the middle of the practice program, Lt. Hizuki changes the program from practice to full combat. Ltc. Togo is not very happy and the girls aren’t ready yet, and the girls end up getting waxed pretty quickly. Later Eika goes and confronts Togo about the simulation, I think that’s she’s starting to figure it out, but he really won’t tell her anything. A while later the girls learn to appreciate how good Nanae is at doing her job, she does a lot of little thing but she does them very well. Later Otoha discovers that Nanae is mystery large boob girl, and she is very embarrassed over the whole situation. Well That’s it for the episode, below are some screen shots.


     Well I felt that episode 6 of Sky Girls  was almost a filler show, only one major plot-line was disclosed. The beginning of the episode lets us know that the worms had returned, and Lt. Hizuki seems to have thought this would have happened. One major gripe I have is whats the deal between Ltc. Togo and Lt. Hizuki, Ltc. Togo greatly outranks Lt. Hizuki and Hizuki keeps giving half truths and misinformation to Togo, its almost like he’s a plant for the higher ups. Another thing we find out is that the girls, mainly Karen and Otoha are not ready for prime-time combat duty, and they have along ways to go before they can preform actual combat missions. But the main point of this episode is breasts or Otoha’s lack of breast size. Most of the episode is taken up by Otoha’s quest to discover the owner of the large bra she found in the clothes dryer. She basically checks all the girls breast size who are stationed at the base, and she finds her self lacking when compared to all the other girls. Well I guess that Otoha, and Konata from Lucky Star  could form the small breasts pride club, look on the bright side girls at least when your forty gravity won’t be to cruel towards you. And finally, whats up with those transformation scenes (I mean changing into flight suits scenes), those scenes are almost like a maho shojo’s anime transformation sequence, a little hint of nudity then the change into a magic girl (test pilot).