The first couple of minutes of this episode covers Konata’s theory of how to pick out the valuable and rare figures and collector cards out of a stack of unopened boxes and card packs. Then Konata asks Kagami why male otaku always desire a female otaku for a girlfriend, but she never hears female otaku ask for an male otaku as a boyfriend. Then Kagami pays a visit to Konata’s house and then Kagami asks Konata some questions about characters in dating sim games. The girls then spend time basically talking about random things like, dentists, sweets, losing the will to study, and summer classes. Then the girls spend a lot of time together test prepping, and they decide to go see some fireworks in Miyuki’s neighborhood. It turns out that Yu-chan’s gang and Konata’s gang end up going to the fireworks together and they have a very good time at the festival. Well that’s all for episode 20. Below are some screen shots from the episode.




Damn, I wish our girls dressed like this for our summer fairs.


One thing I must admit to is that I’m a Kagami fan, and I think she has killer set of legs for an anime girl.



     Well episode 20 is done and only 4 more remain in the series, Sigh! This episode was all about anime, sim game, and other otaku references. The girls are on summer break and have to spend more time than ever on exam preparation, and only a couple of months remain until they have to take their high school exit exams, and their college entrance exams ( Cultural Note: remember that the high school exit exams and college entrance exams are considered to be harder than actually attending college, this period is called exam hell or juken jigoku in Japanese. If you don’t score high enough you can attend junior college or become a ronin  like in the Love Hina  and Crayon Shin Chan.  If you don’t go to college as a girl you can try and get a job as a office lady while waiting to get married. If you choose not to go to college and can’t get a decent job you can become a parasite single or in Japanese parasaito shinguru.) So in Japanese society the period leading up to Juken Jigoku is considered to be one of the most important periods in a young persons life. Well as Lucky Star  comes to a close I find myself a little down, Lucky Star  is a great way to relax for 30 minutes after a hard days work.